ELIMAA School: Supporting Education in Our Community


For a few months now, Kakasii and I have been working on a project that is something we are supporting personally as well as part of the Social and Environmental Care projects we are supporting through Tanzania Choice Safaris. Continue reading

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5 Household Chores I Didn’t Have to Do in Baltimore

5 Household Chores I Didn't Have to Do in Baltimore

Here are five household chores I never had to do in Baltimore that are regular duties here in Arusha: Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Rainy Day


The rainy season seems to have arrived. With November and December come what are called the “short rains”–shorter rainstorms that happen once or twice a day a few days a week. Earlier this week we had a pretty good rain and Max and Elly made the most of it. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: The Maasai Boma


I’m a day late for 5 Photo Friday so I’m throwing in a bonus photo. Earlier this week we went on a family outing to visit a Maasai boma (village) about an hour outside of Arusha. The Maasai chief’s son is a friend of Kakasii and he kindly arranged for a great afternoon of roasted goat and lots of singing and jumping–even Kakasii and the older boys joined in. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Kakasii!


In honor of Kakasii’s birthday I’m doing 5 Photo Friday one day early and including a bonus photo because these are just too good not to share. I’ve taken on an ambitious project of sorting, identifying and labeling hundreds of random photos I’ve gathered up from old photo albums and envelopes that I found scattered about our house on the shamba and our house in Arusha. These are just a few from the Kakasii: The Younger Years collection. Most of the photos have no labels to indicate who, where or when so this will be quite an undertaking to figure that out, but a fun challenge for sure. Continue reading

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Mbege and the Tanzanian Version of the ‘Red Solo Cup’


This weekend Kakasii and I attended an important event as part of the traditional marriage customs in Tanzania. We went to meet the new in-laws of Kakasii’s niece Elly (who, like our Elly, is named after Kakasii’s mother Eliasaria).

Although Elly has lived in the United States for many years, as has her new husband, the families back home are following the necessary customs. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Max

The Joy of Life is Love_5 Photo Friday featuring Max

Since I premiered my new weekly series with photos of Elly, my Twin Mommy Guilt insists that this week features Max. He’s a pretty worthwhile photo subject on his own standing, though. Continue reading

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A World Without Tater Tots: My Epic Adventure Making Tater Tot Casserole Completely From Scratch


Saturday night is American Supper Night in the Kimaro household. Most of the week we eat traditional Tanzanian food but on Saturdays I take over the kitchen and cook up something I’ve either discovered on Pinterest or something I have a craving for from my days living in the U.S.

This week I got a craving for Tater Tot Casserole when I stumbled across an interesting variation of the recipe I was used to back home.

In the U.S. Tater Tot Casserole is one of the those quick throw-together recipes you make when you’re short on time or short on energy. Not the case here. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday


To kick off my second year of blogging, I am starting a {hopefully} weekly series called 5 Photo Friday. Continue reading

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My First Year of Blogging: Five Favorite Posts

fivefavoritepostsHappy blogiversary to me! On this day a year ago I hit the Publish button on my first blog post. I had been thinking about starting a blog for quite a while–more than a year actually. But I struggled for a long time with my “perfectionist procrastination”–putting something off until I was able to do it perfectly. But then I stumbled across this quote: Continue reading

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