5 Photo Friday: Food


It’s 5 Photo Friday and today we’re talking about food! Here are five types of food that you might encounter should you visit us here in Tanzania (and we hope you will!):

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Crafting with Max and Elly: Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies


With a family of seven there’s no shortage of empty toilet paper rolls in our house. So I had been contemplating for a while what sort of craft project Max and Elly could do with them. Grandma and Aunt Carla brought a boat load of craft supplies when they visited us last spring and we had barely scratched the surface on using any of them for projects. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: School Uniforms


Max and Elly have been attending The Tanganyika School for seven weeks now and they are loving it. They are showing progress in counting, the alphabet and colors. And lately I’ve overheard Max singing the Tanzanian national anthem to himself and they both have an entire new repertoire of songs to sing in the bathtub.

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5 Photo Friday: Happy Birthday, Brenda!


Wednesday was Brenda’s 20th birthday! Our home is officially free of teenagers! (At least for another 9 years.)

For this week’s 5 Photo Friday, I’m sharing a few highlights of our family’s celebration of Brenda’s milestone birthday. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Education


Earlier this month Max and Elly started preschool so in honor of that important milestone, this week’s 5 Photo Friday theme is education. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Welcome 2015!


Happy New Year! After enjoying Christmas in Arusha we went to the village for a few days to ring in the New Year.

While we were there Max and Elly put on some of their new Christmas clothes and we did an impromptu photo shoot under our big mango tree. Continue reading

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ELIMAA School: Supporting Education in Our Community


For a few months now, Kakasii and I have been working on a project that is something we are supporting personally as well as part of the Social and Environmental Care projects we are supporting through Tanzania Choice Safaris. Continue reading

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5 Household Chores I Didn’t Have to Do in Baltimore

5 Household Chores I Didn't Have to Do in Baltimore

Here are five household chores I never had to do in Baltimore that are regular duties here in Arusha: Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Rainy Day


The rainy season seems to have arrived. With November and December come what are called the “short rains”–shorter rainstorms that happen once or twice a day a few days a week. Earlier this week we had a pretty good rain and Max and Elly made the most of it. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: The Maasai Boma


I’m a day late for 5 Photo Friday so I’m throwing in a bonus photo. Earlier this week we went on a family outing to visit a Maasai boma (village) about an hour outside of Arusha. The Maasai chief’s son is a friend of Kakasii and he kindly arranged for a great afternoon of roasted goat and lots of singing and jumping–even Kakasii and the older boys joined in. Continue reading

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