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The Many Hairdos of Elly

Max was born with a lot of hair. In fact, when I checked in at the hospital to deliver the twins and was examined to see how far along I was, the nurse asked the midwife, “What do you see … Continue reading

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The Art of Nyama Choma

Last weekend we had the great pleasure of hosting our friend Trevor at Kimaro Shamba (I’ve given it its own proper name now). Trevor and I worked very closely together at Lutheran World Relief on the Quilt & Kit Ministry … Continue reading

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When the Water Runs Out

We aren’t getting any rain here and the municipal water supply is being rationed. Yesterday morning our 3,000 liter reserve tank ran dry. What do you do when that happens? You carry water. The spring is about a 15-minute walk … Continue reading

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Lucky 13

On January 8, 2001, I was on my first trip ever to Tanzania. I was walking to the hotel restaurant for breakfast before starting out on our safari. As I neared the parking lot a friendly Tanzanian man with a … Continue reading

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A Virtual Tour of Our Shamba

Since our shamba (farm) often plays a starring role in my blog posts, here’s a virtual tour to give you a better sense of the place we call home. Of course, the best way to get familiar with our shamba, … Continue reading

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‘There are two in there.’

On this day three years ago I walked from my office in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor up the street to Mercy Medical Center where my OB/GYN had an office. I had called them from Tanzania via Skype a few week’s earlier … Continue reading

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Our Christmas Trip to the Shamba

As I mentioned in my previous post, we spent Christmas this year on our shamba in the village. We always enjoy our time there, and this trip was no exception. We arrived on the Saturday before Christmas and as soon … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes to Kilimanjaro

Last year we were in Arusha on Christmas morning and Max and Elly got to open their presents with all of our U.S. family tuning in via video Skype (Christmas morning in Tanzania is Christmas Eve in Wakefield, Nebraska). This … Continue reading

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