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Chicken House Update

Sorry for the lack of posts these last couple of weeks. Near-constant power outagesĀ  severely cut into my computer time. There were days we had power for less than 30 minutes and then lost it again for more than 24 … Continue reading

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It’s not a Chicken House ’til there’s Chicken Wire

We made big progress today. (I say we as if I have anything to do with the actual construction of this chicken house.) The fundi got the closed walls and floor boards in. Then it was time to add the … Continue reading

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Chicken House Construction Begins

The fundi was back today to start construction of our chicken house. He actually stuck around yesterday after dropping off the supplies and got the four corner posts and roof supports up, working in the glow of our security light … Continue reading

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Our Future Chicken House

The fundi (workman) comes today to start building our chicken house. We eat a lot of eggs so it makes financial sense to raise our own rather than buying them from someone else. Based on my calculations, the investment of … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes Early!

This week a friend I used to work with at Lutheran World Relief came to Arusha to lead a training for the regional management staff. She kindly brought along the Christmas gifts my family had gotten for Max and Elly. … Continue reading

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Our Homemade Water Table

There are few things that hold Max and Elly’s attention for long, but water is one of my best bets when I need to keep than occupied on their own for more than a few minutes. The day I prepared … Continue reading

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Spritz Cookies Without the Spritz

I’ve been in the mood for spritz cookies lately. I had some butter left over from Kakasii’s birthday cake so I thought I’d whip up a batch this morning. To make things more interesting, I decided to involve Max and … Continue reading

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A Two-Goat Celebration

This weekend we traveled to Moshi to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. As is customary in Tanzania, a new baby is often celebrated with the slaughtering of a goat–in this case, two goats. I’ll spare you the photos … Continue reading

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