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Monkey Business

A couple months ago I had lunch with my friend Kelly, a fellow American who is also married to a Tanzanian and lives here in Arusha. Kelly blogs over at Mzungu Maasai about her life in Tanzania, and I was … Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: We’re Farmers!

I guess owning a coffee and banana farm on Mt. Kilimanjaro already qualifies us as farmers, but now we’re corn farmers, too! The property that our house in Arusha sits on includes a large farm plot behind it, so Kakasii … Continue reading

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A New Place to Call Home

If you happened to see us on House Hunters International, you might remember that the greatest drawback to the house we chose was its small compound, which left little room for Max and Elly to play, and zero green space. … Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Flat Stanley Visits Tanzania

The second grade class at Cambridge Elementary School in Cambridge, Illinois, is reading the book Flat Stanley. Do you know that story? Stanley is a boy who is flattened when a bulletin board falls on him, and his flatness allows … Continue reading

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5 Household Chores I Didn’t Have to Do in Baltimore

Here are five household chores I never had to do in Baltimore that are regular duties here in Arusha:

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When the Water Runs Out

We aren’t getting any rain here and the municipal water supply is being rationed. Yesterday morning our 3,000 liter reserve tank ran dry. What do you do when that happens? You carry water. The spring is about a 15-minute walk … Continue reading

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Chicken House Update

Sorry for the lack of posts these last couple of weeks. Near-constant power outagesĀ  severely cut into my computer time. There were days we had power for less than 30 minutes and then lost it again for more than 24 … Continue reading

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It’s not a Chicken House ’til there’s Chicken Wire

We made big progress today. (I say we as if I have anything to do with the actual construction of this chicken house.) The fundi got the closed walls and floor boards in. Then it was time to add the … Continue reading

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Chicken House Construction Begins

The fundi was back today to start construction of our chicken house. He actually stuck around yesterday after dropping off the supplies and got the four corner posts and roof supports up, working in the glow of our security light … Continue reading

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Our Future Chicken House

The fundi (workman) comes today to start building our chicken house. We eat a lot of eggs so it makes financial sense to raise our own rather than buying them from someone else. Based on my calculations, the investment of … Continue reading

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