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A special welcome to those who made your way here after reading my article in the April 2017 issue of Gather magazine! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take a look around and enjoy our family adventures in Tanzania. If you’d like to subscribe and receive my posts by email, just add your email address to the right and click the Follow button. Or just say hi in the comments section below!

And if you’re ever in Tanzania, be sure to stop by and see us! 🙂


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Going on Safari


When you’re five years old, it’s a pretty cool thing to have a Daddy who is a safari guide. But it can be tough, too, when high season rolls around and that means Daddy is away a lot, taking visitors to the national parks.

So, as our really busy season was just about to kick-off, we decided Max and Elly could use a some intensive Daddy Time before Kakasii was away on safari so much. So we packed up and headed on safari ourselves!


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Welcoming the New Year

welcoming-the-new-yearWell, after a 6-month hiatus it’s time to get back to blogging. I’ve missed sharing our Tanzanian adventures, but life just got so full and busy it was hard to keep up with everything. So I decided to let the blog go for a while. I was also much less intentional about capturing our days in pictures, but I’ve pulled together a selection of images and video clips to share as highlights of the last few months… Continue reading

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Max and Elly Turn Five!


Well, it happened. My babies turned 5! And already Max is talking about turning 6, then 7, then 8…

We celebrated with their class at school again this year, but this being a milestone birthday they each got their own cake that they chose themselves from the bakery. No surprise, Elly chose a butterfly fairy: Continue reading

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A Kimaro Family Update


There’s a lot going on around here. A lot. I can hardly keep up with it myself! I’ll use this chance to update you with what’s going on in our world, and share the results of a recent family photo session we had done. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Grandma Comes to Tanzania


Mom and my sister Carla packed up and headed home yesterday. In their two-week visit, I took 993 photos, and Carla took about 700. So it’s pretty tough to narrow those down into a 5 Photo Friday post, so I plan to do some more posts with more photos later, but for now I’ll share a few highlights from the trip. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: We’re Farmers!


I guess owning a coffee and banana farm on Mt. Kilimanjaro already qualifies us as farmers, but now we’re corn farmers, too!

The property that our house in Arusha sits on includes a large farm plot behind it, so Kakasii decided to make good use of it and plant corn. Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Parents’ Day at ELIMAA School


Last week we celebrated Parents’ Day at ELIMAA School. It was a great celebration of all that we’ve been able to accomplish over the last year or so, thanks in large part to the generous support we’ve received from so many of you!

As I explained in my ELIMAA update post, more and more children are in need of ELIMAA School. So we set our sights on expanding for the new year. With the remaining donations we received in 2015, we got very busy in December and were able to: Continue reading

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5 Photo Friday: Decorating for Christmas

5photofridaydecoratingforchristmasAs my Facebook newsfeed is full of photos of snowy scenes, it’s 89 degrees here. So I wish I could say “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” but it’s not really. At least not by this Nebraska girl’s standards, anyway.

It is beginning to look a little bit like Christmas though, thanks to Max and Elly. Continue reading

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ELIMAA School Update: We Need to Grow in 2016!


It was just a bit more than a year ago that I first shared with you about ELIMAA School. I was nervous to publicly share what we were doing, fearing that if we failed, I would have to own up to that publicly, too.

But this past year has seen huge advances for ELIMAA School. And now we’re ready to grow! Continue reading

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