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The World’s Best Kitchen Helpers

As much as Max and Elly like to play make-believe these days, they also love to dig in and help around the house for real, too. They help mop the floors, wipe the table, do the dishes, and put their … Continue reading

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Imaginary Laundry Day

Max and Elly are at that awesome stage where they love to mimic everything they see big people doing. They love to sit behind the wheel of Kakasii’s Land Cruiser and pretend they are driving. If you ask Max where … Continue reading

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Water Painting: A Super Sanity Saver for Less Than $2

Today while running errands I picked up a new paintbrush for a long overdue painting project. Next to the brush I needed for my project was a set of five paintbrushes in varying sizes for 2,900 Tanzanian shillings–that’s about $1.78 … Continue reading

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The Legend of the ‘Kitty Pillow’

Once upon a time, a little girl named Brenda had a very special pillow. She loved her pillow so much that she carried it with her everywhere. Her special pillow had kittens on the pillow case so she called it … Continue reading

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