Lucky 13


On January 8, 2001, I was on my first trip ever to Tanzania. I was walking to the hotel restaurant for breakfast before starting out on our safari. As I neared the parking lot a friendly Tanzanian man with a beautiful, bright smile took my bag and put it into the vehicle he would be driving for our safari. Thirteen years later, that friendly Tanzanian man with a beautiful, bright smile is my husband.

I love you, Kakasii!








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3 Responses to Lucky 13

  1. Sharon says:

    You are such a beautiful family! GORGEOUS photos and such a fun, loving story!

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi there, I’m the editor of and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and learning about your expat life in Tanzania. We’d love to do an interview with you to feature on our site. If you’re keen to learn more, please let me know!

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