5 Photo Friday: School Uniforms


Max and Elly have been attending The Tanganyika School for seven weeks now and they are loving it. They are showing progress in counting, the alphabet and colors. And lately I’ve overheard Max singing the Tanzanian national anthem to himself and they both have an entire new repertoire of songs to sing in the bathtub.

And now we are also in full swing of a school uniform dress code that is both fabulous and evil at the same time. While I love the simplicity of having a set number of clothing items that are to be worn to school, I do dislike that each day’s combination has been prescribed to us by the school. But for better or worse, here’s 5 Photo Friday featuring Max and Elly modeling their school uniforms.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are the most formal days, with Elly wearing a white shirt and blue jumper. This is actually her favorite of all the uniform outfits.


Max looks quite dapper in his white shirt and navy blue trousers. You can’t see much of it in this photo but he wears a Maasai beaded belt to add his own personal touch to the ensemble.


(The Spiderman shoes and Elly’s Dora the Explorer shoes are also our own personal touches. They are supposed to wear plain black shoes but after spending 400,000 Tanzanian shillings on their uniforms–about $225 US–I decided to ignore that part of the dress code and just let them wear the shoes they already had.)

Tuesday is royal blue polo and navy shorts day. Contrary to Max’s pouty face, he really likes wearing this outfit. (The pouty face was in rebellion against having yet one more photo of him taken by me.)


And Friday is light blue polo and navy shorts day. Elly absolutely hates her shorts because the girls’ style is really baggy while the boys’ style are nicely tailored. But at least we’ll go a couple of years before she outgrows them and we’ll need to buy replacements.


So there you have it–like our very own Fashion Week here at the Kimaro household.

elimaawidgetAnd while we’re on the subject of school, will you join us in supporting ELIMAA School, the school that we support personally and through our safari company? ELIMAA operates on a modest budget of $250 a month and provides a safe place for kids to learn and a hot cup of porridge each day to keep stomachs full and minds alert. Learn more here or click below to make a donation. Thanks!

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6 Responses to 5 Photo Friday: School Uniforms

  1. Janis Poppe says:

    I really enjoy the updates on your family. I relay them to our group at church. Looks like Max and Elly are enjoying school and sounds like they are learning a lot. God bless you all!

    • Thanks, Janis! Max and Elly are definitely loving school. They seem genuinely disappointed when they wake up on Saturday mornings and find out they don’t have school for the next two days.

      Please give my greetings to your church group.

  2. Cecil Maureen Johnson says:

    What wonderful pictures! Your children look very happy.
    School uniforms always bring discussion. These outfits
    are really quite nice. Thanks for keeping in touch.
    God Bless and Keep you and those you love.

    • Always great to hear from you Cecil Maureen! For the most part I’m okay with having school uniforms, I just wish there was flexibility in what pieces they wore each day. I hate to force conformity on Max and Elly at such an early age. 😦

  3. Darci says:

    School already! Not possible! But your children are beautiful! Our Sunday School at Trinity is collecting funds for Elimaa School during Lent and will be forwarding at Easter time. They are very excited. God’s blessings to you all. Darci

    • Darci, I’m so excited that the Sunday School will be supporting ELIMAA School! Kakasii and I will be visiting the school on Friday and the students will be excited by the news. Please, if you can, take some photos of the Sunday School children at Trinity–I would love to share them with the students at ELIMAA! And I will be taking more photos on Friday and doing an update post for the blog so you can share that with the kids!

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