Crafting with Max and Elly: Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies


With a family of seven there’s no shortage of empty toilet paper rolls in our house. So I had been contemplating for a while what sort of craft project Max and Elly could do with them. Grandma and Aunt Carla brought a boat load of craft supplies when they visited us last spring and we had barely scratched the surface on using any of them for projects.

So we pulled out the paint, pom poms and glitter glue, dug a couple of toilet paper rolls out of the trash and made our own butterflies.

First, we painted the toilet paper rolls to make the butterflies’ bodies. The level of concentration Max put into painting his butterfly’s body was impressive.



After the bodies were painted, we cut the wings out of construction paper and decorated them with glitter glue and pom poms. It was like torture for Max and Elly to wait for the glue to dry so we could assemble the butterflies. But we were finally able to add pipe cleaner antennae, attach the wings to the bodies and “make them fly” as Elly referred to our hanging the completed butterflies in the dining room window to flutter in the breeze.



I especially liked Elly’s creative approach to giving her butterfly THREE googly eyes.


Now the butterflies fly all day long in the dining room window, waiting to greet Max and Elly as they return from school.


Any suggestions for other fun crafts we can make with empty toilet paper rolls?

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5 Responses to Crafting with Max and Elly: Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

  1. Cecil Maureen Johnson says:

    Those butterflies are beautiful. And you are a great photographer!
    I take 2 grandsons to school every day. Today was different. One
    went to school and then I went to the grocery store to get a supply of
    Gatorade for the other who is home sick today. I enjoy having a
    family so close and being able to help as needed.

    • What a special way for you to be part of your grandsons’ lives, Cecil Maureen. I must say the hardest part about living in Tanzania is it limits Max and Elly’s time with my mom, who is their only living grandparent. Mom’s been able to make a few visits here, and we are praying the resources will come together for us to make a trip to the States in August, but we do miss being closer to my family.

  2. Jeanne Gilbertson says:

    The butterflies are wonderful! Such a good project for the little ones!

    I enjoy reading about the activities your family is involved in and the pictures are great!

    God’s continued blessings for you and your family.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Jeanne. I do enjoy taking photos of Max and Elly, although now that they are in school my picture taking has diminished significantly. I am working on being more intentional when they are home to capture those everyday moments.

  3. Lynn says:

    Easter Bunnies! for ears you just flatten a roll and cut (2) -1/2 inch pieces and put them in the top of another TP roll.

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