Max & Elly Take Acrobatics Class


This past weekend some new friends (who recently moved to Arusha from Omaha) introduced us to an acrobatics class for kids. I wasn’t sure if Max and Elly would be very cooperative in an actual class, despite loving to jump and roll and climb on top of each other all the time at home.

Turns out they both loved it and are already asking to go back again next Saturday. Here are a few of the amazing feats they accomplished in their first class.





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2 Responses to Max & Elly Take Acrobatics Class

  1. Carla says:

    Looks like the perfect activity for those two monkeys.

    • I think you’re right. On the way to the class Elly was a little tentative about it, saying she just wanted to watch. But Max was all about it. Then when we got there, Elly jumped right in and it was Max who hesitated. It helped a lot to see his new friend doing it, though, so once he finally got out on the mats and started jumping and tumbling there was no stopping him.

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