Max and Elly Turn Five!


Well, it happened. My babies turned 5! And already Max is talking about turning 6, then 7, then 8…

We celebrated with their class at school again this year, but this being a milestone birthday they each got their own cake that they chose themselves from the bakery. No surprise, Elly chose a butterfly fairy:

ellys-butterfly-birthday-cakeMax’s preference was a fire truck cake but the bakery didn’t have anything like that so he went with his second choice of Ben 10:


(The red race car on the cake has nothing to do with Ben 10 but Max was pretty happy to add to his race car collection.)

We sang happy birthday and they blew out their candles.


After they sang, all the children shouted hurray! for Max and Elly. Max was less enthusiastic about it than Elly.


And then it was the usual cake feeding formalities that go along with every special occasion in Tanzania.



After school it was time to open birthday presents. I’m not that great at wrapping gifts so we just had Max and Elly close their eyes while I brought the gifts out to the living room. Mom and Carla left behind an entire suitcase of gifts for Max and Elly after their visit in April so there was no shortage of gifts…and there are still plenty left for Christmas, too!


Max was thrilled with his new fire truck!


(By the way, since when are Tonka trucks made out of plastic?!?)

And Elly’s princess dreams came true…


She’s been wanting a princess dress ever since attending a friend’s princess-themed birthday party a few months ago (the birthday girl’s family moved to Arusha from Omaha–what are the odds?).

As an extra birthday bonus, Max and Elly got the rest of the week off from school for Eid and Saba Saba, a Tanzanian national holiday.



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3 Responses to Max and Elly Turn Five!

  1. Cecil Maureen Johnson says:

    Happy Birthday Max and Elly! Thank you, Brenda, for sharing your
    family celebrations and also including Tanzanian culture.

  2. Janis Poppe says:

    Enjoyed these photos. When were you coming to Nebraska?

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