Spritz Cookies Without the Spritz

I’ve been in the mood for spritz cookies lately. I had some butter left over from Kakasii’s birthday cake so I thought I’d whip up a batch this morning. To make things more interesting, I decided to involve Max and Elly.

I mixed up the cookie dough myself and then got set up at the table for Max and Elly to help. We don’t have a cookie press so I have to improvise a bit for spritz cookies.

I rolled the dough into balls and then Max and Elly dipped them into sugar.

maxsugardipellysugardipellydoughTo improvise the pretty shapes of regular spritz cookies, we used the bottom of a Kilimanjaro water bottle to press a design into the cookies.

maxpressMax and Elly let me help them with the first pan so I was able to control the pressure of the bottle on the dough. But for the second round when I wanted to take photos I just let them at it. They got a little overly ambitious with their pressing.

smashedcookiesThey also got a wee bit messy with the sugar and eventually had it all over the table and the floor. But the nice thing about Max and Elly is that, even though they are good mess-makers, they are also good cleaner-uppers.

ellysweepThe finished cookies didn’t look the prettiest but they certainly tasted yummy. They were still in the oven when Max and Elly went for their nap so I hid the cookies hoping I can ration them out to the kids over several days. They are Tanzanian in a lot of ways, but they definitely have a sweet tooth.

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