5 Photo Friday: The Maasai Boma


I’m a day late for 5 Photo Friday so I’m throwing in a bonus photo. Earlier this week we went on a family outing to visit a Maasai boma (village) about an hour outside of Arusha. The Maasai chief’s son is a friend of Kakasii and he kindly arranged for a great afternoon of roasted goat and lots of singing and jumping–even Kakasii and the older boys joined in.




Max was a little unsure of the Maasai warriors when we first arrived but he eventually warmed up.


Max and Elly were completely mesmerized by the homemade toy that some of the children were playing with. (It’s too cloudy to see but Mount Kilimanjaro is looming in the background.)


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3 Responses to 5 Photo Friday: The Maasai Boma

  1. Marlyce Benjamin says:

    So interesting. Keep on blogging!

  2. Janis Poppe says:

    We at St. John’s Lutheran Church Co. Line in rural Scribner, NE are so interested in you and your family after reading your article in the Gather magazine. Could you tell us where you are from originally and who your parents were?

    • Hi Janis, I’m originally from Wakefield. My parents are Harold and Maxine Meier–my dad passed away in 1997 but my mom still lives in Wakefield.Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Wayne was my home congregation.

      Thanks for coming over to my blog after reading my article in Gather!

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