It’s not a Chicken House ’til there’s Chicken Wire

chickenwireWe made big progress today. (I say we as if I have anything to do with the actual construction of this chicken house.) The fundi got the closed walls and floor boards in.

wallsThen it was time to add the chicken wire, which officially makes it a chicken house.Maasai continues to be a huge help in the building process. I’m not sure the fundi could manage this with just one set of hands.

holdingwirehangingwireMax and Elly love to entertain themselves around the building site. They wandered around inside the chicken house calling to me, “Mommy, ingia!” (Mommy, come inside!) They also like to count to three (sometimes in English, sometimes in Swahili) and then jump off the edge of the chicken house.

max ellyThey made a new friend today, Nelly. His mom occasionally works for us and today she came over to start a big cleaning project in the house–scrubbing the grout. We have a five-bedroom house with tiled floors throughout so this is going to be a multi-day project. But it’s a win-win situation–we get clean grout and she earns the money for Nelly’s school fees.

friendsThe closer we get to completing the chicken house, the more excited and nervous I get. What if our chickens don’t lay eggs? We if they get sick? What if Max and Elly torment them constantly? Wait. Does that means they’ll be so busy with the chickens they won’t pester me? Maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all! 🙂

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