Chicken House Construction Begins

hammeringThe fundi was back today to start construction of our chicken house. He actually stuck around yesterday after dropping off the supplies and got the four corner posts and roof supports up, working in the glow of our security light on the back of the house.

Max and Elly are completely fascinated by all the measuring and sawing and pounding.

measuringsawingMaasai, our watchman who also ends up being a part-time nanny to Max and Elly, pitched in.

hammering2It was hard to keep Max and Elly out of the fundi’s way while he worked but eventually Anita convinced them to sit in their stroller and observe from there.

watchingfundiWhen nap time rolled around I was a little worried how it was going to work with all the noise and activity going on outside of Max and Elly’s room. But it didn’t seem to bother Max at all. Elly slept on my lap in the living room, also unfazed by the noise.

constructionsitemaxsleepingSince our own egg production enterprise isn’t off the ground yet, we’re still relying on our neighbor to keep us supplied with eggs. Max and Elly went over this afternoon to get some and back at home they got their first lesson in proper egg handling.

ellyeggsellyhandmaxeggOut of 30 or so eggs, only one got broken so that’s doing pretty well, I think. Max and Elly will make great chicken farmers.

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