Max and Elly Turn 3!


Max and Elly are three! Their birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but I guess I’m still recovering from my blogging marathon month in June when I was doing the #clickaday photography challenge.

When Mom and Carla came to visit in May they brought oodles of toys and presents for Max and Elly’s birthday so we started the day off right away with a gift bag for each of them filled with goodies from back home. Just to name a few:

Grandma made new aprons for both of them featuring some of their favorite things: Hello Kitty for Elly and tractors for Max.


Aunt Lori sent new sandals and flip flops (just in time, because their current flip flops were falling apart). Aunt Carla brought window clings that now adorn our living room windows.


The real excitement, though, came from the bubbles! Bubbles are always a winner in the Kimaro household.



Later, Daddy took Max and Elly out for a while and I got to work on a birthday cake. But before I could get it frosted they got home and guess who got his hands in it…


Fortunately, I managed to camouflage the Max-size hole in the cake with frosting.



Max and Elly share their birthday with their nanny Anita. So we celebrated for her, too.



Once the candles were all blown out, it was time for the rest of us to enjoy the cake!


Happy Birthday, Max and Elly! You are pretty awesome three-year-olds!

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