Joining the #clickaday Photography Challenge

Even though I took a ton of photos in the month of May I absolutely failed at blogging yet about the great visit Mom and my sister Carla had. I promise I’ll get to those stories–safari, goat roasts and more–but for now I’m launching my participation in the #clickaday Photography Challenge over at Click It Up a Notch. My goal is to take one photo a day every day this month. I’ll post it here on my blog with a brief story about the photo.

Today’s photo is related to Mom and Carla’s visit, though. I had asked Carla to bring along a few craft supplies for Max and Elly and boy did she come through on that request! Included in the wealth of craft supplies were about 15 different varieties of pipe cleaners–or chenille stems as the more eloquent crafters call them. After days of admiring these chenille stems all neatly wrapped up inside their plastic packaging, Max and Elly couldn’t take the temptation anymore so we opened one package. Immediately I had chenille stems all over my bedroom, office and living room. In a desperate attempt to somehow keep the chenille chaos contained, I came up with the idea of making a pair of glasses out of a few of the stems. They loved them and have been requesting more and more pairs–now my living room looks like a chenille Lens Crafters with all the “glasses” laying around!

So #clickaday Day 1 is in the books! I’ll be back again tomorrow with another photo and story, and I promise somewhere in between I’ll get caught up on Mom and Carla’s visit. Lots of great photos and stories to share from that, too!

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