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Nyerere Day

Today is Nyerere Day in Tanzania, a day to celebrate the country’s first president, Julius Nyerere, who led the country from the start of its independence until 1985. To celebrate the day, Max and Elly donned their sunglasses and we … Continue reading

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Pinterest for the Win

My Pinterest boards are chock full of ideas, most of which I’ll likely never get around to trying. But today I managed to pull off a successful Pinterest project: homemade play dough. I used this recipe and found it to … Continue reading

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Jumping Puppies

Now that we’re well into our second year of living in Tanzania, I’ve vowed to participate in more local activities. Doing so will help me better appreciate life in Arusha, and it will be good for Max and Elly to … Continue reading

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The 5-Second Rule (Give or Take)

Certain things are precious commodities here in Tanzania. Chocolate chips are one of them. I’ve never seen them sold in stores, not even the grocery store that caters to the expat community. So I had one friend in the U.S. … Continue reading

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