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Equal Time for Max!

Just about any Twin Mom will tell you of the near-constant pressure and anxiety about not showing favoritism between your twins. So, in the spirit of equal time, I present to you Mr. Max, equally as adorable and photogenic as … Continue reading

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Elly’s Fashion Photo Shoot

I’m so grateful that my mom saved several of the dresses I had as a little girl. It’s been fun to give them a second chance and have Elly wear them; and it’s especially fun to play Fashion Photo Shoot … Continue reading

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Play Day Fun

This past week we found an absolute treasure right in our own neighborhood. Kakasii and I had passed this restaurant several times on morning walks but I had no idea that it featured such a fabulous playground. This past week … Continue reading

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The Many Hairdos of Elly

Max was born with a lot of hair. In fact, when I checked in at the hospital to deliver the twins and was examined to see how far along I was, the nurse asked the midwife, “What do you see … Continue reading

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‘There are two in there.’

On this day three years ago I walked from my office in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor up the street to Mercy Medical Center where my OB/GYN had an office. I had called them from Tanzania via Skype a few week’s earlier … Continue reading

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Decorating for Christmas

With temps in the high-80s it’s been hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit. This past Saturday I finally got up the gumption to dig out the Christmas tree and decorations. While Max and Elly napped, Brenda and … Continue reading

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Our Homemade Water Table

There are few things that hold Max and Elly’s attention for long, but water is one of my best bets when I need to keep than occupied on their own for more than a few minutes. The day I prepared … Continue reading

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Spritz Cookies Without the Spritz

I’ve been in the mood for spritz cookies lately. I had some butter left over from Kakasii’s birthday cake so I thought I’d whip up a batch this morning. To make things more interesting, I decided to involve Max and … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

I’ve never been a real fan of Halloween and was hoping that living in Tanzania would mean I could just ignore it altogether. But I had vowed to be better about getting out more as a family so the Halloween … Continue reading

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Kids Say the Darndest Things (In English and Swahili)

Max and Elly’s vocabularies continue to grow at an incredibly fast pace. They mimic a lot of what I say whether they really understand it or not. Max prefers to speak Swahili, while Elly vacillates between English and Swahili. She … Continue reading

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