Our New Friend Manna


Max and Elly have been on a roll when it comes to exciting and fun adventures lately. Today they met a new friend, Manna.

Manna is from England. She is almost two years old. Her Daddy is a doctor; her Mommy is a teacher. They will be living in Tanzania for about five months.

We met Manna and her Mommy, Rachel, at the Family and Friends Restaurant near our house for a play date.

Max and Elly talked excitedly about meeting their new friend all morning at home. Once they arrived it didn’t take long for them to warm up to Manna and have some fun.


Like Max and Elly, Manna was a big fan of the teeter tot.


Manna and her parents just arrived in Tanzania last week, so Max and Elly demonstrated how we wash hands Tanzanian-style.

handwashingAll three kids had their first taste of chipsi maiyai–thick-cut french fries cooked in eggs.


Elly and Manna both noticed the distinct difference in their hair. I think Elly was envious of Manna’s cute little clip barrette, pulling back a wisp of her soft, fine hair, and Manna was envious of Elly’s hairband which doesn’t slide off her thick, tight curls.


Max and Elly talked about their new friend Manna all the way home. We hope we’ll get to have another play date again soon!

(Thanks to Manna’s mom Rachel for giving me permission to share some photos of our play date on my blog.)

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