Play Day Fun

Play Day Fun

This past week we found an absolute treasure right in our own neighborhood. Kakasii and I had passed this restaurant several times on morning walks but I had no idea that it featured such a fabulous playground. This past week when we were desperately needing a reason to venture out for the afternoon and blow off a little steam, I decided to give this place a try and am so glad I did.

It’s called Family and Friends Restaurant and, although we drove there this time, it’s easily walkable using the footpaths between our house and the main road. We spent the afternoon playing on the see-saw, merry-go-round, swings and, the best part of all, the giraffe slippery slide.



maxswingLetting Max and Elly go down the slide gave me a few flashbacks to when I was four years old and fell off the slide at a family reunion and broke my arm. Max loved the slide immediately but Elly needed a little coaxing.


The neck of the giraffe was a bridge you could walk across and below were monkey bars.


All that playing worked up an appetite so we enjoyed some french fries and fresh mango juice before we went home.


Such a fun place and right in our neighborhood!

Edited to add on February 25, 2014: Here’s a cute video clip of Max and Elly going down the slide with Big Sister Brenda. Love the giggles!


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