The Legend of the ‘Kitty Pillow’


Once upon a time, a little girl named Brenda had a very special pillow. She loved her pillow so much that she carried it with her everywhere. Her special pillow had kittens on the pillow case so she called it her “kitty pillow.”

As she grew older, the little girl still loved her Kitty Pillow very much. When she went away to college, she took Kitty Pillow with her. When she worked at summer church camp, she took her Kitty Pillow with her. When she moved to Baltimore, she took her Kitty Pillow with her. And even when she moved to Tanzania, she took Kitty Pillow with her.

It’s been said that even now, as that little girl is grown up and is a Mommy with a little girl and a little boy, she still sleeps with her Kitty Pillow.

So imagine the joy of that little girl all grown up, when a special package arrived from the U.S. with two new Kitty Pillows–made especially for her little girl and her little boy.



The little girl and the little boy love their Kitty Pillows as much as their Mommy loves hers. But they don’t call their pillows Kitty Pillows. They speak Swahili, and also have a flair for alliteration, so they call their pillows Paka Pillows.

Now when Daddy is on safari and the little boy and the little girl sleep in the Big Bed with their Mommy, they can each sleep with their very own Paka Pillow.


Special thanks to Aunt Carla for making Max and Elly their very own Paka Pillows!




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2 Responses to The Legend of the ‘Kitty Pillow’

  1. Carla says:

    Yeah! They like their kitty pillows. Though I suspect their mamma’s reaction to the kitty pillows was a bit more animated than theirs. I hope they’ll like the other surprises I have in mind for them just as much.

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