My First Year of Blogging: Five Favorite Posts

fivefavoritepostsHappy blogiversary to me! On this day a year ago I hit the Publish button on my first blog post. I had been thinking about starting a blog for quite a while–more than a year actually. But I struggled for a long time with my “perfectionist procrastination”–putting something off until I was able to do it perfectly. But then I stumbled across this quote:

Better to do something imperfectly than nothing perfectly.

So I wrote my first imperfect blog post and have just been learning as I go.

To celebrate my blogiversary, here are my five favorite posts from this last year (you can click on the images if you’d like to relive the magic with me):


I have so much fun photographing Max and Elly, especially when they are in a photogenic mood. I took all of these photos of Elly in a matter of minutes. I just let her do her thing and kept clicking the shutter.

twointhereA day I will never forget. I went to that doctor’s appointment just hoping to see one little blinking light on the ultrasound monitor. What I got instead has been hands down the most incredible blessing of my life.

funinthesunSpecial family outings are a big priority for Kakasii and me. This was a super fun weekend, even though I was worried it might have inspired Max to try fire eating.

legendofthekittypillowThis blog post floated around in my head for a long time before I actually sat down and wrote it. I’m so glad to have Max and Elly carrying on my kitty pillow tradition.

#clickaday5The photos I took of Kakasii wrestling with Max and Elly as part of my #clickaday photography challenge in June make my heart happy every time I look at them. They are indicative of what a great father Kakasii is–he fully engages with Max and Elly and gives them his full attention and affection.

So those are my five favorites. I’d love to know what your favorite posts have been! Please share in the comments below.

And in case you are curious, these were to five most-read posts from the past year:

  1. Elly’s Fashion Photo Shoot
  2. The Art of Nyama Choma
  3. The Many Hairdos of Elly
  4. Best. Birthday. Ever.
  5. When the Water Runs Out

Thanks for following along on our adventures! I hope you’ll keep reading, commenting and letting me know what else you’d like me to share about our lives here in Tanzania.


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1 Response to My First Year of Blogging: Five Favorite Posts

  1. Diane says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog and your twins are adorable! Love that hair. What a different road you have taken from a rural town in Nebraska to Tanzania. Who knows what plans God has for us – and sometimes that’s a good thing. May God be with you on your journey and keep on writing!

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