Imaginary Laundry Day


Max and Elly are at that awesome stage where they love to mimic everything they see big people doing. They love to sit behind the wheel of Kakasii’s Land Cruiser and pretend they are driving. If you ask Max where he’s going he’ll answer, “On safari.” If you ask where he’s going on safari he’ll say, “to Serengeti.”

They love to spoon imaginary food into their Cabbage Patch dolls’ mouths, feeding their watoto (babies). They love to roll out their homemade play dough and say they are cooking chipati (flat bread).

A few days ago they were upstairs in our bedroom and discovered a pile of reusable “boogie wipes” I had cut from some old shirts. Max threw the pile on the floor, squatted down next to them and started to “wash his nguo” (clothes).


Elly joined in, washing the small cloths, wringing the pretend water out of them and using the foot of our bed as their imaginary clothesline.


Elly took this part quite seriously, making certain to hang each cloth out properly.


Then she would tell me, “Don’t touch, Mommy. These wet, Mommy.”


Once the imaginary laundry was dry, it was time to fold. Then it all went back on the floor to start over again.


Wouldn’t it be great if all laundry was imaginary? And dirty dishes, too? And college tuition bills?

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2 Responses to Imaginary Laundry Day

  1. Carla says:

    Glad someone likes to do laundry because I certainly don’t!!

  2. Elaine says:

    It’s so good to see the great imaginations of these little ones. Too many little ones don’t know how to use their imaginations anymore due to all the technology. Love being able to follow the growth of Max and Elly through your blogs, Brenda.

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