The World’s Best Kitchen Helpers


As much as Max and Elly like to play make-believe these days, they also love to dig in and help around the house for real, too. They help mop the floors, wipe the table, do the dishes, and put their toys away.

They especially love to help in the kitchen. Sometimes their desire to help and my desire to operate efficiently and with minimal mess don’t always sync up but this weekend I decided it was more important for us to share these experiences than for me to keep a clean and orderly kitchen. So Max and Elly climbed up on the kitchen counter to lend me a hand.

We mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookies on Saturday (using the last of my chocolate chip stash–good thing Grandma and Aunt Carla are on their way soon). Unfortunately, just as we got the first pan of cookies ready to go in the oven, the power went out. And stayed out for the next 12 hours. So early Sunday morning I got up and baked the cookies in case the power went out again. (We used this very good recipe from one of my favorite bloggers; the recipe says it makes 4-5 dozen cookies, but if the power goes out before you bake them and you eat a lot of the dough instead, the recipe actually yields about 7 cookies.)


On Sunday we had better luck with the electricity for making our Easter Dinner. While I worked on spaghetti sauce (made from scratch, thankyouverymuch), Max and Elly helped make meatballs. Elly mixed up the ground beef, egg, bread crumbs, onion, garlic and Parmesan cheese.


Max helped shape the meatballs.


And Daddy helped a little, too.


But then Max and Daddy had to rush off to take our trash to the garbage truck before it left our neighborhood. (It’s unclear to me why the garbage truck made its route this week on Easter Sunday.) Elly finished up the meatballs and helped me get them in the oven.

So for our Easter Dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs, cheese bread (made with fresh Asiago cheese from an Italian cheese maker here in Arusha) and chocolate chip cookies. Not exactly a traditional Easter Dinner, but we all enjoyed it.



We actually didn’t do any traditional Easter activities this year–no Easter baskets, egg dyeing or hunting. But I think the memories of helping Mommy in the kitchen will be just as special for Max and Elly. And Mommy, too.


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