Day 5: Wrestlemania!


This is just too good to stop at one click for today. This afternoon, on the rare occasion that Daddy was home with a free afternoon, Max and Elly were hanging out with him in our bedroom while I worked on some upcoming safari itineraries in the office.

I heard a bit of commotion coming from our bedroom and went to investigate. I got there just in time to capture this wrestling match between Max and Kakasii. Elly was too interested in an app on Kakasii’s phone to get involved at first but eventually joined in the attack.






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3 Responses to Day 5: Wrestlemania!

  1. Sharon Powell says:

    Your family is just so beautiful. I LOVE Kakasii’s smile as he’s wrestling with his son. Love your photos!

    • Thanks, Sharon! I really love these pictures–they make my heart so happy to look at them. I wish I had captured it on video, too, because the giggles were to die for! 🙂

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