#clickaday Day 12: Max Loves Chips (and Ketchup)!


This afternoon we went to our usual hangout after I got home from Bible study. My intention was for us to have some fresh mango juice and play for a while, but Max had a different idea. After the juice came, he drank part of his glass and then said he was saving the rest for when the chipsi come (chips–what Tanzanians call french fries). Then he called the waitress over himself and, without consulting me, ordered chips. He and Elly plowed through the first order so he called the waitress again and ordered another (both times the waitress did wait for me to give the nod before putting the order in to the kitchen).

Almost as much as Max loves chips, he also loves ketchup (which Tanzanians call tomato sauce). You can see from today’s #clickaday photo just how much he loves it.


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