#clickaday Days 21 through 26: Where Did This Week Go?!


I’ve had my head down deep in a couple of projects this week and feel like this afternoon was my first chance to stop and look up. And here it is Thursday already! I was wrapping up a freelance writing project for Gather, a fabulous magazine published by Women of the ELCA. Watch for my article in the November issue.

I also finished copy editing our new Tanzania Choice Safaris website. The designer and I have been working on it for quite a while and I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together. I’ll be starting a blog for the site soon and look forward to expanding the scope of my writing.

But back to my progress on the #clickaday photography challenge with Click It Up A Notch

On Saturday Max and Elly helped me in the kitchen making cookies. They were cake mix cookies made with an angel food cake mix. Cake mixes cost about $8 here so I’ve never bought one but Mom brought this one along with her on her recent visit. I thought the cookies tasted kinda gross, but Kakasii and the kids loved them.

Notice how precisely Elly is placing her cookies on the pan in the photo above–a girl after my own heart. And then see here how Max approached the task:


On Sunday Kakasii and I went out for lunch with some of our safari clients and when we came back home Max and Elly were at the gate to greet us. I’ve written about our bye-bye ritual before–we also have an arrive-home ritual. We pull up to the gate, beep the horn a few times and Max and Elly open the gate (with a little help). Then they greet us at the car and help carry in our shopping bags. If there’s nothing to carry in, Max likes to jump in the car for an imaginary spin.


On Monday Elly got a new hairdo:




And on Tuesday she chatted with Daddy on the phone for a while. Not sure what juicy gossip he told her to get a reaction like this:


Yesterday Max and Elly were back in the kitchen with me, this time helping me make pull-apart oat rolls (Max’s favorite) to go with lunch for my Bible study group that I hosted today.


By this afternoon, we were all pretty wiped out but Elly was the only one to get a nap in.


Looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow when maybe this Mommy can get a nap in, too!


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