Our #clickaday Weekend: Days 27, 28 and 29

#clickaday27I’m on the home stretch with my #clickaday photography challenge!

Day 27: Max and Elly don’t particularly like getting their hair washed, but in an odd turn of events on Friday, they both decided it would be fun to dip their entire heads into one of our water buckets outside. Elly came into the house and upstairs, leaving a trail of water all the way, to show me that she had “washed her hair” all by herself.

Day 28: On Saturday I attended a local event promoting permaculture and sustainability. I was really inspired to think about ways to reduce our environmental impact as a family and as a safari company. I’m excited to start exploring and implementing some new things–more to come on that. But in the meantime, a simple first step was to pick up one of these super-cool solar-powered lanterns to use at home during our frequent power outages.


Using candles has always made me nervous, but especially now with Max and Elly getting into everything they see. At least with this lantern they can pick it up and not risk injury. I should have bought about six of them but didn’t have enough cash on me.


The company selling these lanterns also does solar installations for homes and lodges. My ultimate dream is to convert our shamba (farm) to solar power so I was really happy to meet their head of technical services at the event.

Day 29: Yesterday Kakasii and I made an impromptu trip to Moshi to visit some friends who are successful tour operators and trusted mentors to us as we build our own company. As we made our way toward Moshi, Mount Kilimanjaro made a rare mid-day appearance. Normally the mountain is completely immersed in clouds much of the day but today she took a brief peek out to greet us on our drive.


We don’t make it to our shamba or to Moshi as often as we would like so I forget how much I love seeing the mountain.

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2 Responses to Our #clickaday Weekend: Days 27, 28 and 29

  1. Sharon Walters says:

    Next time you go to Moshi, be sure to visit Mosaic and ELCT’s project for children with disabilities! Love your blog!!

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