#clickaday Days 19 and 20: Max’s New Bag and Elly’s Toast Face


Yesterday I only snapped a few photos with my point-and-shoot camera as we were getting ready to run errands in the morning; my DSLR never left the desk. So this isn’t all that thrilling for my #clickaday photo but it does show Max’s new bag that he got when we went to the Arusha Summer Fair last weekend.

Today was another busy morning but I did pull out my “good camera” and decided to set it to full manual and practice using the light meter. Elly and Max were sitting relatively still while eating their toast and watching Dora the Explorer so I could take a little more time adjusting camera settings before clicking off a shot.

#clickaday20Max and Elly are obsessed with toast for breakfast. Elly wants hers with peanut butter; Max wants his with jelly. This morning we had neither in the cupboard. It took some fast talking on my part to get them enthused about toast with Blue Band (margarine). Stopped at the grocery store during our errands so we won’t risk a no-peanut-butter-or-jelly meltdown tomorrow.

Edited to Add:

So just after I published this post, I went downstairs to find Max and Elly “helping” Anita and Ney make chapati for supper. And by “helping” I mean Max was eating the chapati as fast as it was coming out of the pan.


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