5 Photo Friday: Max

The Joy of Life is Love_5 Photo Friday featuring Max

Since I premiered my new weekly series with photos of Elly, my Twin Mommy Guilt insists that this week features Max. He’s a pretty worthwhile photo subject on his own standing, though.

Here’s a newborn Max, just two days old, ready to go home with Mommy. Elly had to stay behind in the NICU for another week so Max got a lot of extra attention from me those first few days. Every day he would accompany me back to the hospital to visit Elly. I would hold Elly and put Max in his car seat on the floor and rock him with my foot.

The Joy of Life is Love_Max Comes Home from the Hospital

July 2011

An old Chagga custom dictates that if a child is born away from the village they should receive a special blessing and welcome home. So, on our first visit to our shamba, the eldest of the Kimaro men led a traditional Chagga ritual of dotting our palms and foreheads with goat’s blood, officially welcoming us to the Kimaro family.

The Joy of Life is Love_A Traditional Chagga Custom Welcomes Max into the Kimaro Family

June 2012

This is a classic Max photo…eating his first chicken foot.

The Joy of Life is Love_Max Eats His First Chicken Foot

September 2012

Before Max settled in to his current diet of eating only white bread, white rice and oranges, he was a pretty adventurous eater. He loved my first attempt at making chocolate pudding with avocados.

The Joy of Life is Love_Max Has His First Taste of Avocado Chocolate Pudding

December 2012

Doesn’t matter what the weather, Max loves his rain boots and he’s gonna wear them when he wants to!

The Joy of Life is Love_Max In His Rain Boots

October 2014

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