Happy Birthday, Kakasii!


In honor of Kakasii’s birthday I’m doing 5 Photo Friday one day early and including a bonus photo because these are just too good not to share. I’ve taken on an ambitious project of sorting, identifying and labeling hundreds of random photos I’ve gathered up from old photo albums and envelopes that I found scattered about our house on the shamba and our house in Arusha. These are just a few from the Kakasii: The Younger Years collection. Most of the photos have no labels to indicate who, where or when so this will be quite an undertaking to figure that out, but a fun challenge for sure.






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1 Response to Happy Birthday, Kakasii!

  1. Marlyce Benjamin says:

    A Happy Birthday to your handsome husband! This shows young people from all over the world have the same wants such as: bikes, cars and just want to be “cool”. Enjoyed the pictures and thank you for sharing.

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