5 Photo Friday: Rainy Day


The rainy season seems to have arrived. With November and December come what are called the “short rains”–shorter rainstorms that happen once or twice a day a few days a week. Earlier this week we had a pretty good rain and Max and Elly made the most of it.

The photographer in me hesitated to share these photos because they are really quite technically flawed but the mother in me couldn’t resist showing off the silliness of these two–I just wish you could hear the giggles as they ran laps around the car trying to balance those over-sized umbrellas!






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3 Responses to 5 Photo Friday: Rainy Day

  1. Marlyce Benjamin says:

    Beautiful pictures! Awesome subjects! Professional photography!

  2. Cecil Maureen Johnson says:

    I read your wonderful article in the Women of the ELCA gather magazine. Then I found your
    blog! Thank you for sharing your life in Tanzania with us. The pictures are just precious!

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