#clickaday Days 16 and 17: Trucks, Gravel and Photo Fun


I shared yesterday that we spent much of our weekend at the Arusha Summer Fair. Although Max and Elly had scored cool new bags when they were with me on Saturday, Kakasii could not resist getting them something when we were there on Sunday so we came home with two of these toy trucks cleverly made from bottle caps. Elly’s truck is made from Coca-Cola caps; Max’s is made from Tusker Beer caps.

On Monday we went to play at the Family & Friends Restaurant’s playground and Max had great fun running his truck through mud puddles and loading up the gravel from the parking lot.

And, just when I thought I might not come up with a shot for today’s #clickaday, Max, Elly and Anita all came through with great poses for me. I’ve been wanting to experiment with that haze effect that’s so popular in portrait photography now and Anita gladly served as my model. (Anita is our live-in nanny who helps me with Max and Elly.)




While we were taking Anita’s pictures, Elly helped out by holding her sunglasses. (Stay tuned for a future post–hopefully soon–about Elly finally giving up her pacifier!)


Our favorite story these days is The Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett. In it the Tickle Monster takes a break from tickling to make silly faces. This is Max’s version. (By the way, this is a great book. Super fun to read and act out with all the tickling.)


So, what I thought was going to be my first #clickaday without any clicks, I ended up with five to share!

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2 Responses to #clickaday Days 16 and 17: Trucks, Gravel and Photo Fun

  1. Carla says:

    Wonderful pictures of Anita.

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