Our #clickaday Weekend: Days 14 and 15

#clickaday14 I’ve made it halfway through the #clickaday challenge this month!

This weekend we spent both days at the Arusha Summer Fair, which is a bit oddly named since technically it’s our “winter” now and quite chilly, especially at night. In fact I would consider it downright cold at night.

On Saturday Max, Elly, Anita, Ney and I ventured out together to the fair. There was a kids’ corner with crafts and activities so we hung out there for a while. It was interesting to me that Max and Elly were especially interested in playing with the play dough–something they can do anytime at home. From there we did some shopping and each got a cool new bag made by a women’s sewing group called SEW–Supporting and Empowering Women. The bags are made from recycled flour or rice sacks and scraps of kitenge–brightly colored cloth with bold patterns. My goal to get a photo of Max and Elly modeling their new bags for one of my #clickaday photos.

On Sunday, I intended for Kakasii and me to return to the Summer Fair sans children so I could do a little more leisurely browsing but Max and Elly had a different idea. They weren’t interested in staying home so they came along with us, first stopping at the market to do our weekly grocery shopping. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at the fair.

Back at home Max and Elly played upstairs in our bedroom for a while and Elly came across this silly hat that a friend had given Kakasii last year while on safari. Kakasii looks pretty ridiculous wearing it but Elly looks beyond cute!


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